(Struggle) Princess Lisa in Combat


Though valiantly held, their battle lines were finally beginning to give way. It was rapidly becoming less of a battle and more of a gruesome slaughter. however, those accompanying Lisa did not see the slightest hint of resignation on her face. She continued to fight on, shouting "As long as we stand, the fight is not over! Do not give up hope, for the moment you do, the battle is truly lost!"


Acquired by evolving (Pact) Princess Lisa, Sworn to Oath with Chivalrous Knight Princess Lisa.

Name originEdit

Lisa is a Hebrew name meaning "consecrated of God".

Additional infoEdit

  • The element of this card automatically matches the player that owns it.
  • This card is the third in a five stage evolution.
  • This card cannot be traded.
  • Artwork by NOX.
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