(Straining) Rebecca, Dream Traveler


"How long does this dream go on?" Rebecca fought hordes of monsters within her fantasies, at first relishing the thrill of becoming whatever she wished, be it a swordfighter, an archer, or a magician. Seeking further stimulation, she continued onward into a nightmarish wasteland, where she encountered monsters of unimaginable horrors. Worse, when their claws and fangs pierced her skin, she felt an unusually sharp pain. "If this keeps up, I'll die in my sleep!" But in the tumult, she lost sight of the path that led to safety, wandering deeper into madness...


See (Foolhardy) Rebecca, Dream Traveler

Name originEdit

Rebecca is a biblical matriarch.

Additional InfoEdit

Defensive Skill Card of the Battle Royale LXXXVI.

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