(Straightforward) Wanderer Shelly


No matter how much strength the sword´s spirit bestowed upon Shelly, there was no denying they were outnumbered. For each of the fiends they vanquished, new foes came to replace their fallen comrades within moments. However, fleeing was also not an option. "We´ll just have to see what we can do!" That same unswerving attitude was the reason why the spirit had chosen to fight alongside the warrior.


See Wanderer Shelly.

Name originEdit

Shelly is a feminine name, but can be used as masculine, of Hebrew ("ewe, lamb"), Germanic ("powerful ruler"), Old Norse (to roar, battle cry; rest, repose"), and Old English ("little rock; sloped meadow") origin. Feminine name is a variant of Rachel (Hebrew), Rochelle (English, Old German), Rachelle (French, Italian); also is an English familiar form of the English, French, and German Michelle.

As masculine name has the meaning "ledge meadow" and is a variant of Shelley (Old English): place name and surname made famous by the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 3rd Chapter in Behind the Lines Raid Event.

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