(Stouthearted) Zack, Necron Sage


The Necron firmly in his grasp, Zack pondered if his struggle was rational. Though he had fought with such ferocity to claim it, he was unable to comprehend why constant wars were waged over such baubles. He concluded that it must be sealed away for eternity to prevent further mass conflict. He retreated into a deep, dark cave where he used his powers of sagacity to suppress the Necron's power. Any bandit who happened to wander in was summarily driven away. The treasure needed to be kept out of the reach of such greedy fools.


See Zack, Necron Sage.

Name originEdit

Zack, Zach, Zac, Zak or Zakk are male given names, commonly shortened versions of English Zachary, which is of Hebrew origin. Derived from the elements zakar "to remember" and yahweh "name of God", meaning "the Lord remembered, recalled". Or a variant of name Isaak (Hebrew) "he laughs; laughter", derived from the word '"tsachaq"' which means "to laugh".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Marat Ars.

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