(Steady On) Flying Prince Brasse


Brasse loved the wind, and in return the wind blessed him. It guided his airship that carried him to all corners of the sky. Even when gusts arose or clouds formed, he held no fear. What had freed his heart from its burdens could overcome any trial, and show him the sunrise on the following morn. And so the Flying Prince sailed forth, looking down upon the world below as he continued to climb higher.


See Flying Prince Brasse.

Name originEdit

Brasse is a Swedish pet form of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish masculine name Lasse "crowned with laurel". Lasse is a variant of English Laurence and also often a nickname for people named Lars. Derived from the Roman cognomen Laurentius, from Latin root word laurus "laurel".

Additional InfoEdit

Special Test of Strength Skill Card for The Silent Flight Odyssey Event. Gives 2x the Items regardless of Skill level. Gives 3x the Items when evolved with maxed out Skill.

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