(Spur) Bahn, Guardian of the Wall


The soldiers atop the Divider were bewildered at the sudden invasion. As they starred in horror at the endless stream of encroaching enemies, Bahn rallied his brethren and descended the wall, sinking his blade into the advancing enemy lines. "If we fall, the realm falls with us!" he shouted, and his voice echoed across the Divider, igniting a blaze of valor inside his fellow soldiers' hearts. In mere moments, the cowering cavalry morphed into a heroic battalion.


See Baha, Guardian of the Wall.

Name originEdit

Bahn is a German surname, derived from a topographic name from Middle High German or Middle Low German ban "open space", "public area", or in eastern Germany from Sorbian bahno "swamp".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Junggeun Yoon.

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