(Spill) Atepen, Clever Alchemist


A massive Cryptid suddenly rampaged through the forest, smashing trees and consuming animals whole. Everyone else was too frightened to confront the brute, but Atepen saw it as a prime test subject for the potion she had made from the poisonous flower. She attracted the beast's attention and flung the contents of one of the two flasks into its maw as it attempted to eat her. Only a few drops found their way onto the tongue, but the monster immediately stopped short and fell over dead. Though she was surprised by the poison's potency, that did nothing to prevent Atepen from gloating in her foresight.


See Atepen, Clever Alchemist

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Deals up to 10 times attack damage to Raid Bosses of The Distorted Pledge Raid Event at Skill Lvl 10

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