(Somber) Cassios the Executioner


In many ways, Cassios was far crueler than an executioner. He had lined the halls with the heads of his victims, and the pungent smell of rotten flesh filled its halls. While many within the kingdom implored for him to be relieved of his position and banished as a madman, the king would not allow it. For he saw that there was no deterrent greater than Cassios' cold punishment. If not without knowing, Cassios helped as much as any to keep the kingdom's people safe.


See Cassios the Executioner.

Name originEdit

Cassios is a masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "empty, hollow". Derived from the element cassus meaning "empty, vain". A form of the English Cassius. Cássio is a Brazilian masculine given name; Cassio is an Italian surname.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Special Skill Card for Tomb of Oblivion Odyssey Event. Boost the number of Event items acquired by up to 60% when evolved, regardless of Skill Level.
  • Artwork by James Ryman.
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