(Sneaky) Daroga the Investigator


Daroga had found solid proof that the true power behind the opera house was a demon master. She also knew that he wanted to devour the famous actress. However, as she turned to inform the public of the dastardly plot, it was too late. She was surrounded by the evil minions of the master and could do nothing but flee for her life.


See Daroga the Investigator.

Name OriginEdit

The Persian is a major character from the Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel "The Phantom of the Opera". In the book he is mysterious man, the one who tells most of the background of Erik's past. He is described as having an "ebony skin, with eyes of jade", and he wears a short astrakhan cap along with normal dress clothes; he has "a noble and generous heart" and is very concerned for the fate of others.

Erik refers to him as the "daroga" (داروغه, Persian for "police-chief") as the Persian once served as the chief of police (daroga) in the court of the Shah of Persia during the years that Erik was there. Being kindhearted, he helped Erik escape from Persia when the Shah ordered him executed. When news of the escape spread, the Shah-in-Shah punished the Persian by stripping him of his property and sending him into exile.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Fan Yang.

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