(Sky's Heart) Maune, Hopeful Aviron


Any aviron who bore the authority of Sky Nest sage must be shorn of their prized wings and solemnly swear to remain within the sanctuary for the rest of their life. Almista having fallen to conspiracy, Maune now took the ceremonial blade in hand, prepared to take up her position. No longer would she soar through the vast firmament, and no longer would she feel the wind beneath her feathers. However, for the sake of her beloved Nest, she proceeded with the ritual without hesitation or fear.


See (Aerified) Maune, Hopeful Aviron

Name originEdit

Maune (Mághún, Mayon, Mawne, and probably Maume, Mawme) is an Irish surname, derived possibly from the Norman personal name Mayon, a diminutive form of Matthew. Matthew is an Enlish name and surname, latinized form (Matthaeus) of Greek Mattathios, derived from Hebrew name Matityahu "gift of God".

Aviron translates from French as "oar, rowing".

Additional InfoEdit

Renewed Version of (Holy Rite) Maune, Hopeful Aviron.

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