(Sink) Lurdes of the Deadly Water


There is a never-ending stream of people searching for the holiest of all holy water. Though anyone who touches Lurdes' precious water directly will die, if highly diluted, it can be used as a miracle cure for countless illnesses. The demi-god peers into the hearts of those who come for her water and judges them. If they are pure of heart, she happily shares her bounty with them. If not, she forces the visitors to drink her water and drown.


See Lurdes of the Deadly Water

Name originEdit

Lurdes is a feminine name of French origin, place name; it is predominantly used in Portuguese and Spanish. A variant of English and Spanish Lourdes. The first name is derived from the town of Lourdes in southwestern France, where a famous shrine was built after a local peasant girl Bernadette Soubirous saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1858.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Depingo.

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