(Shine) Dragon of Viridian Memories


The two wizards, along with the dragon, flew through a quiet sky. Hour after hour had come and gone. "It's so pretty," said Mina at long last. Kayto agreed. The scene of endless mountains below them was etched into their memory. No matter how much time had passed, it was a moment that would be with them always.


Acquired by evolving Stirring Dragon's Egg with three Ancient Dragon Scale cards to get (Sensitive) Genius Student Kayto, then evolving with Endangered Ancient Dragon to get (Shine) Young Dragonriders, then evolving with a Transcendental Forest Crest.

Additional InfoEdit

  • This card additionally offers a Huge chance to block all Tome of Mystaria Raid Bosses Attacks (max 70% activation rate), in addition to it's regular skill.
  • Final card in 5-stage evolution, cannot be further evolved.

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