(Sharing) Merry Melo & Meldt


Melo spread her arms and released the powers she held. Silver particles began to swirl and the brisk air took on an immediate frigidity. "That's it! That's the real power of a snow woman! You had it in you all along!" Meldt was as enthusiastic as if he had performed the feat himself. "Now just fill out a little more and you'll be the envy of your kind!" Melo's wide smile quickly soured. "Wh... what did you say?!" Yet her anger could not hide the undeniable joy she felt.


Evolving (Portent) Laughing Melo & Meldt with base Card Lonely Snow Woman & Yeti.

Additional InfoEdit

Sixth Card in 11-Stage Evolution.

  • This Card is bound and can't be traded or gifted.

Name originEdit

Melo is the capital city of the Cerro Largo Department of north-eastern Uruguay. As of the census of 2011, it is the ninth most populated city of the country.

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