(Sealed Past) Reformed Marjukka


Marjukka's refinement within the placid forest would eclipse that of any saint. Though the effects of the seal remain, she has made the conscious decision to swear of violence and malice. She may never regain her position as a fearsome demon ruler, yet this does not bother her in the least. Having experience both ends of the power spectrum, she realized that it is love and kindness rather than brute strength that will create a prosperous culture.


See Reformed Marjukka.

Name originEdit

Marjukka is a Finnish feminine name; a combination of Marja and diminutive suffix‎ -kka. Marja is Dutch and Finnish form of Maria "sea of bitterness", latinazed form of Hebrew Miryam. Also associated with Finnish marja "berry", as in the hyphenated name Marja-Terttu "berry cluster".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by In-Hyuk Lee.

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