(Scorching) Blazing Fount Bathin


The blaze within Bathin's body burned away the magical pin holding it together, causing his skin to rupture and overflow with lava. The earth in his vicinity is scorched black. Soon, he will unleash an explosion that would rival one of Mt. Vakk's eruptions. However, the problem is whether or not he will die, because he won't. No, the problem is where he should release this inferno... After giving it some thought, he heads for the heavens.

Name OriginEdit

In demonology, Bathin is a duke (Great Duke according to Pseudomonarchia Daemonum) of Hell, who has under his command thirty legions of demons. He knows the virtues of precious stones and herbs, and can bring men suddenly from one country to another. He helps one attain astral projection, and takes one wherever one wants to go.

He is depicted as a strong man with the tail of a serpent, riding a pale horse.

He is mentioned in The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Other spellings: Bathym, Mathim, Marthim.


Additional infoEdit

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