(Save) Blue Shining Neverland Gift

*This Special Evolution Card also has Skill displayed below.
"Large damage increase to the Neverland Destroyers & Med damage increase to Boss Types"


Pure azure light surrounds Peter Pan and company, embodying Neverland's shimmering water. This wonderful gift serves as a blessing, praising their success in restoring justice to Neverland and opening the path for a bright future ahead. The light seemed to be whispering a message to all them: "Our hearts will always stay true!"


Acquired by evolving Rejuvenated Hook and Pirate Ship with three Gold Shimmering Pixie Dusts to get (Flourish) Pan's Climactic Battle, then evolving with (Undaunted) Kidnapped Wendy to get (Save) Neverland's Grand Finale, then evolving with a Arcane Water Crest.

Name originEdit

Neverland is a fictional place in J. M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan, and the central setting for the story.

Additional InfoEdit

  • This card cannot evolve any further.
  • This card also possess a raid skill in addition to its existing one, offering a large boost to damage against bosses in the Never Never Land Raid Event, and a medium boost to damage against bosses past this event.
  • Artwork by Grafit.
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