(Salacious) Bewitching Vixen Tamamo


The bewitching fragrance Tamamo let forth would mutate a shogun's skin, defile his heart, and take control of his soul. Meanwhile the vixen would offer little more than a demure smile next to the bloodthirsty, reborn beast. Rest assured, Tamamo's trysts were not born of spite for another. She had but lived side by side with yet one more lover. If any who proclaimed her actions as sinful it mattered not, for she was prepared for death.


See (Attracter) Bewitching Vixen Tamamo

Name originEdit

Tamamo-no-Mae (玉藻前, 玉藻の前, also 玉藻御前) is a legendary figure in Japanese mythology from the late Heian period. In the Otogizōshi, a collection of Japanese prose written in the Muromachi period, she was a courtesan under the Japanese Emperor Konoe (who reigned from 1142 through 1155). She was said to be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Japan, and also infinitely knowledgeable in all subjects. Although she appeared to be only twenty years old, there was no question that she could not answer. In fact she was a kind or evil (depending on the story variant being told) either a two or nine-tailed fox (kitsune: good fox spirit; nogitsune: malicious fox spirit).

Additional InfoEdit

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