(Romantic) Filomena, Hunting Lovers


Filomena gave a glistening smile as she looked over her reluctant entourage. Though she had to truss them up in magic seaweed to ensure their survival underwater, she remained convinced any would be willing to ensure the ordeal to remain in the presence of her loveliness. their muffled cries for help only served to make her blush. "Your passionate words embarrass me so, my dears."


See Filomena, Hunting Lovers.

Name originEdit

Filomena is an Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch form of the English and German female given name Philomena of Old Greek origin. It means "beloved, strongly beloved, powerful love" or "friend of strength" from Greek φιλος (philos) "friend, lover" and μενος (menos) "strength". Filomena is the name of one of the storytellers in the frame story of The Decameron.

Additional infoEdit

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