(Retrieval) Perfected Battle Dragon


Noticing what the world has undergone, he is now violent against the enemies of Cryptids. He has now found his place in the world lending his strength to the Hero.


The three different stats given are due to the three most common builds for this card: 11-card (for gallery/enhancing sacrifice), 20-card (use in battle) and 1024-card (bragging rights)

  • The 11-card build is done simply by evolving while using a (Imprison) Imprisoned Battle Dragon as the 2nd card every time. No excessive evolving needed. It allows you to see all 11 stages at the lowest cost, and gives you a junk, non-tradable Ultra Rare EX to sacrifice for enhancing a card level and/or skill.
  • The 20-card build is done similar to the 11-card, except that you make two (Freed) Perfected Battle Dragons. Because these can be enhanced, it provides a large stat gain over the simple 11-card build.
  • Finally, the 1024-card build. This will make the card the strongest possible by making every pairing involved the strongest possible. It requires so many cards because of a pyramid-like pattern. One (Retrieval) requires two (Freed), and two (Freed) requires four (Lunacy), which in turn requires eight (Raging), and this pattern continues, leading to a total requirement of one thousand twenty-four (Imprison) Imprisoned Battle Dragon. A 1024-card build is entirely for bragging rights, as you can see by the rather small stat increase over the 20-card build: 5020% more materials needed for a mere 0.5% stat increase.

Additional InfoEdit