(Replevin) Sharod, Sinful Hero


A powerful beast that a normal person would definitely prove no mater for appeared. Many swordsmen fought against him. The gods watched as life after life was taken, and they issued a decree: "Being back Sharod." And so Sharod was resurrected by the gods so that he could destroy the demons who were making the people suffer. Those who knew of Sharod's sins were horrified at his return. Sharod. in turn, was afraid of those who had crucified him. Even so, he forced himself to set aside his complex feelings towards people and marched into battle.


See Sharod, Sinful Hero.

Name originEdit

Sharod is masculine name of Pakistani origin; a variant of name Sharad with Sharrod, Sherrod, Sharid, Sharod, and Sharyd. The meaning is "autumn".

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