(Repenting) Regret-Stricken Elsa


Elsa's conviction was honest and just. She normally would have never stooped to hiring a conjurer to assassinate her rival in love. Once her passion had cooled, Elsa realized how taken she was by her urges and became mired in regret. She shut herself in her quarters, but after coming to grips with the situation, she decided to take full responsibility for her actions. To atone, she would do her part to save the Undersea Kingdom and help their princess. Taking an squadron of stalwart soldiers with her, she dove for the ocean depths, her face showing no signs of doubt.

Name OriginEdit

Elsa is a German name that means "Noble". It is also a form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means "Consecrated to God".


See Regret-Stricken Elsa.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Yuizoh.

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