(Relegated) Ercole, Captive Royalty


Every ship holds a hierarchy for her passengers, and the Origin Arc was no exception. For example, one had to be born royalty if one were to become king. Then there were the kings' relatives, responsible for upholding the law. After them, the peasants who were ruled. And at the bottom were the scoundrels, those sentenced to live in the dungeons. Before he had committed that fateful crime, Ercole, too, had been a member of a privileged class. Now he belonged to the dark cells and would abandon those who did not recognize his rightful status.


Added on December 21, 2019 to the Art of War Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Ercole is a male given name, the Italian version of Hercules.

Additional InfoEdit

Can be fully customized into six possible variants with element and skill of user's choice with special elemental crests.

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