(Regretful) Snowstorm Clad Hymir


No longer able to hear his loneliness, he reckessly acted out in rage. When Aegir came upon Hymir's potential and made him one of his subordinates. From that day on, Hymir has defended the north seas and alongside Aegir in battle. Hymir was pledged to devote his life to Aegir -- the first person to ever treat him with decency.

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In Norse mythology, Hymir is a giant, husband of the giantess Hroðr and according to the Eddic poemHymiskviða the father of the god Týr. He is the owner of a mile-wide cauldron which the Æsir wanted to brew beer in; Thor, accompanied by Týr, obtained it from him. He has several daughters.


See Snowstorm Clad Hymir.

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