(Progenitor) Archsummoner Totalel


Those consumed by Totalel's dark powers melt into the dark void from which she summons ever more creations. Her love is eternal, and each of her creations loves her in turn. So the cycle continues, and an ever greater number of creatures are brought to her side. "From all that is evil, you are born. To all that slaughters, you are bound. Now rise, my child, and destroy all that is before you!"


Evolving (Cremate) Archsummoner Totalel with Archsummoner Totalel.

Name OriginEdit

From Italian language Totalel translates as "total displacement". Summoner is one to order (someone) to come to a place; to order (someone) to appear in a court of law; to ask for (someone or something) to come, to send or call for (someone or something).

In the Middle Ages, a summoner was an officer of an ecclesiastical court (also called Court Christian or Court Spiritual), usually that of a bishop or an archdeacon, whose job it was to deliver a summons to an offending member of the diocese. Offenses dealt with by such courts included "sins of immorality, witchcraft, usury, simony, neglect of the sacraments, and withholding tithes or offering". In the folklore and literature it can be a witch or warlock who uses black magic to summon demons.

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