(Recompense) Undead Subduer Eligos


In the chaos of battle, things do not always go the way one imagines or likes, except of course, when Eligos is pulling the strings for you. He turns mayhem into miracles and bends the chaos to one's desire. However, once victory is secured, one must never forget, that to this prince of fiends, one's desires are now one's debt.


See (Assurance) Undead Subduer Eligos

Name originEdit

Eligos (also Abigor or Eligor), in demonology is a Great Duke of Hell, ruling sixty legions of demons. He discovers hidden things, and knows the future, of wars, and how soldiers should meet. He also attracts the favours of lords, knights and other important persons.

He is depicted in the form of a goodly knight carrying a lance, an ensign and a sceptre (a serpent to some authors, most notably Aleister Crowley).

Alternatively he is depicted as a ghostly spectre, sometimes riding a winged horse.

Additional InfoEdit

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