Wishmaker Scheherazade EX


A thick smoke poured from the lamp and blanketed the ground. Out of this noxious gas emerged a boy. He shouted at Scheherazade in a mixture of worriment and rage, "What did you do to the genie?" She gave a frigid smile as she said, "I've only been making the same wish for the past thousand nights: I wish to eradicate this world." As she said this, the genie appeared from the lamp, appearing more ghastly than ever.

Name originEdit

Originating from Persia, Scheherazade is known as the shrewd storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. The story goes that the Shahyar was infamous for marrying a virgin and then having her beheaded the next day as revenge for his first wife's infidelity. As she was the next to be wed to this man, she concocted a scheme by which she would tell a story to the king once a night, stopping her tale short under the guise of approaching dawn and promising to continue the tale next night. Eventually, having survived a thousand nights, she admitted that she had no more stories. During that time, however, the Shahyar had fallen in love with her and spared her, making her his Queen.


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