(P) Shade-Drawn Angustias


Angustias believed that after falling into chaos and demonic evil, her pain would become a forgotten experience. Given her miserable history, none could blame her for her decision to abandon her human form for that of a demon. The innumerable fiends that would draw close to her now followed her every command. Though she had assumed the air of a villainess, vestiges of the pitiful girl yet remained. However, her golden eyes had shed their innocence.


See (Aggregating) Shade-Drawn Angustias

Name originEdit

Angustias is a rare Spanish feminine name with the meaning "she who suffers from grief or sorrow", derived from the Spanish Blessed Virgin Mary's title Nuestra Señora de las Angustias "Our Lady of Sorrows" or "Our Lady of Anguish". Other forms include Angustia (Galician), Angústies (Catalan), Angústia (Portuguese), Astegabe (Basque).

Additional InfoEdit

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