(Purposeful) Raoul the Valorous


The waterways beneath the opera house were truly like a maze to Raoul as he made his way through them to the monster-infested palace. If he could free Christine, he would find a way to escape from the crumbling cavern and get back to the surface. As long as she was safe, nothing else mattered. Despite this conviction, Raoul still wondered why the filthy angel would hide Christine down here and vanish.


See Raoul the Valorous.

Name originEdit

Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel "The Phantom of the Opera". He is the youngest member of his family, with an older brother Philippe De Chagny and two sisters already married. He is a fiancé and childhood friend of Christine Daaé.

Raoul is a French variant of the English, Scandinavian and German male given name Ralph, and is also a surname; the meaning is "wise and strong". Derived from Old Norse Raðulfr (rað "counsel" and ulfr "wolf") through Old English Rædwulf and the longer form Radulf.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Woochul Lee.

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