(Pulsating) Wilfred the Experiment


Wilfred's demon heart would beat normally fast on occasion, granting him superhuman strength and inciting destructive desires. During each episode, he would destroy another area of the laboratory. The subsequent bouts of regret only fueled his hatred towards those who created him as well as those oblivious to his plight. As the days passed, his rampages grew longer and more violent. A true monster would soon be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world...


See Wilfred the Experiment.

Name originEdit

Wilfred and Wifred are masculine given names derived from Germanic roots meaning "will" and "peace" (like Old English wil and frið) . Wilfred was popular in the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century. Wilfried and its English spelling, Wilfrid, are closely related to Wilfred, with the same roots (Will and Frieden in German).

Additional InfoEdit

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