(Provoked) Curse Awakener Hezelgria


A soundless, formless assassin began killing Hezelgria's partners one after the next. After realizing the culprit was not human, she fearfully opened the tome, suspecting its relation to the murders. She was only able to comprehend fragments of the text, but could decipher that within its binding slept the one who had brought about the sudden end of the prosperous bygone kingdom. At that moment, she felt a chill race down her spine, causing her to spin around and find herself face-to-face with that same menace. In a sinister, icy voice, he cackled, "I thank you for freeing me. As a token of my appreciation, I'll spare your life."


See Curse Awakener Hezelgria

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Artwork by Pyeongjun Park aka Totorrl.

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(Provoked) Curse Awakener Hezelgria (Normal Card Image)

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