(Prestigious) Dark Queen Guinevere


She will offer any assistance necessary to ensure that Arthur will rule Camelot. Her loyal minions are furtive in their work of eliminating any would-be rebels. It would not be beyond her means to use her dark powers or mesmerizing looks to manipulate the Knights of the Round Table if necessary. Sir Lancelot would also be of great service to the kingdom if he could be persuaded...


See Dark Queen Guinevere.

Name OriginEdit

Guinevere was the legendary Queen consort of King Arthur. In tales and folklore, she was said to have had a love affair with Arthur's chief knight Sir Lancelot. Guinevere and Lancelot's betrayal of Arthur was often considered as having led to the downfall of the kingdom. The Welsh form Gwenhwyfar, which seems to be cognate with the Irish name Findabair, can be translated as "The White Enchantress" or "The White Fay/Ghost".

Additional InfoEdit

"Reborn" powered-up animated version released as (Coveting) Dark Queen Guinevere with different skill and lore.

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