(Prestige) Daredevil Mercenary Yuri


The mechanical menaces effortlessly slew dragons, yet Yuri was unmoved. Though the invaders possessed technology far beyond that of Neotellus, their cultures and motivations also vastly differed. The displaced Elvarrans, fighting to establish a niche for themselves, expected the natives to resist out of survival, but they did not expect one like Yuri who was willing to give up his life for everlasting glory.


See Daredevil Mercenary Yuri.

Name originEdit

Yuri, Yury, Youri, Yurii, Yuriy, Yurij, Iurii or Iouri is the East Slavic (Ukrainian: Юрій, or Russian: Юрий, or Belarusian: Юрый) form of the masculine given name George; the meaning is "farmer, earthworker". It is derived directly from the Greek form Georgios, which is of the element georgos; the element itself is a compound of ge "earth" and ergo "work".

Yuri is also a Japanese name meaning "Lily." However, it is also a Japanese term for manga centered around lesbian relationships.

Additional InfoEdit

Third Card with Revenge Skill, which boosts according to number of certain element cards in your opponent's Front Line, after Marcana, Holy Examiner and Life Instiller Heloise.

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