(Preeminence) Brute Queen Felicitas


A lone girl by the name of Felicitas lives within city of beasts, reigning as its queen. She will not abide by the intrusion of any other human, whether they be lost traveler or skilled mercenary. There is no place within their borders for those that would impugn the law of nature and destroy its wonders, who will assuredly be ravaged by the fangs of the city's denizens.


Added on November 21, 2018 to the Art of War Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Felicitas is an English, Italian, and German feminine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "lucky, happy, successful". It is derived from the word felix which is of the meaning "lucky, fortunate, fruitful, blessed, happy"; in its religious sense, felix means "blessed, under the protection or favour of the gods; happy." A variant of Dutch, English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Scandinavian, and Spanish Felicia and English Felicity, derived from felicity; felicitas which means "fertility, fortune" with the same root; masculine form is Felix "lucky, happy, successful".

In Roman mythology the goddess Felicitas was the personification of good luck. In ancient Roman culture, felicitas is a condition of divinely inspired productivity, blessedness, or happiness. Felicitas could encompass both a woman's fertility, and a general's luck or good fortune. Felicitas may be translated as "good luck, fortune" and always had a positive significance.

Additional InfoEdit

Can be fully customized into six possible variants with element and skill of user's choice with special elemental crests.

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