(Precursor) Prestidigitator Rupert


The masses heaped adoration upon Rupert for his marvelous powers, yet it was that very fame that earned him the vitriol of the ruling class. Fortunately, his mastery over primal magic freed him from temporal constraints. As he saw the familiar sight of himself looking back from the wanted posters, he began to prepare for another leap into a new era. A time when not a soul knew of him, where he would once again bring awe-inspiring performances to the people.


See Prestidigitator Rupert.

Name originEdit

Rupert is a Dutch, English, German, and Polish masculine name and surname of German origin; the meaning is "bright fame, bright famous one; famously famous". From the Old Germanic name Hrodebert meaning "bright fame", derived from the Germanic elements hrod "fame, renown" and beraht "bright". It is therefore a variation of modern English Robert.

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