(Possessed) Evil-Steeped Spirica


The monster had once been just an ordinary human. The beautiful Spirica had come into the world normally, lived a normal life, and sworn the usual lifelong vows to the one she loved. But one day as the wedding ceremony drew near, she was kidnapped by an evil presence and taken to an enchanted realm. After inhaling noxious fumes, she was transformed into a monster. All traces of Spirica's lover had vanished from her heart, replaced by the desire to commit hideous atrocities.


Acquired by evolving Pristine Enchanted Land with Wedding Ring of Bliss to get (Bedazzling) Enticing Butterflies and then evolving the card with another Wedding Ring of Bliss.

Additional infoEdit

Evolve (Possessed) Evil-Steeped Spirica with Memories of Days Past = (Persistent) Comforting Leoheart

evolve (Possessed) Evil-Steeped Spirica with Wedding Ring of Bliss = (Recapture) The Return of Leohart

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