(Pleasant) Lyusya, Scales of Death


Lyusya scatters an insect scale concoction upon the humans frantically trying to escape the clutches of the Shadow King's pursuing army. Lyusya targeted those who did manage to escape the army an engaged in relentless slaughter. Gazing upon those who were passing away, she felt a sense of climactic excitement. Their suffering expressions brought her irreplaceable pleasure.


See Lyusya, Scales of Death.

Name OriginEdit

Lyusya is a Slavic variant of Italian feminine name Lucia of Latin origin; the meaning is "graceful Light", derived from Latin word lux "light". Also a pet form along with Luda and Mila of Slavic female given name Ludmila or Ludmilla, consists of two elements lud "people" and mila "dear, love".

Additional InfoEdit

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