(Perfection) Hepburn, Courier Prime


Any courier worth her salt possessed three essential traits. Number one: The will to persevere no matter how strict the deadline. Number two: The ability to plot out an appropriate delivery route. And lastly, the strength to fend off any attackers en route. Negotiation skills and good looks were not nearly as crucial. Anyone who possessed these three characteristics was qualified to work for Hepburn. They would be in for the adventure of a lifetime.


See Hepburn, Courier Prime.

Name originEdit

Hepburn is a family name of the Anglo-Scottish Border, that is associated with a variety of famous personages, eponyms, places, and things. Although commonly a Scottish name its origins lie to the south of the border in the north of England. Specifically, the name is thought to have derived from either the town of Hebron in Northumberland or Hebburn in Tyne and Wear. The origins of the name are suggested to be the same as that of Hebborne from the Old English words heah ("high") and byrgen ("burial mound"). Alternatively it could mean something along the lines of "high place beside the water", as the word burn is a still widely used in Northumbrian and Scots for stream.

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