(Pealing) Lightning Mage Bertille


On her aimless travels, Bertille found a dragon snow spirit. Recognizing her as a descendant of the gods of thunder, he vowed to serve her through her ascent to godhood. Glad to have a worldly companion on her journey, she looks forward to her future adventures.


See Lightning Mage Bertille.

Name OriginEdit

Bertille is an French feminine name of Germanic origin; the meaning is "bright warrior maiden, famous". Derived from Germanic word "beraht" meaning "bright, famous". A form of the German, English, French, and Spanish Bertha. Original Germanic forms of the name include Berahta, Berchta, and Perchta, in southern Germanic legends a name of goddess of animals and weaving.

Additional InfoEdit

When you start game you get this card for choosing Water Element.

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