(Patriarch) Devoted Beastman Godwin


Daddy, let's go that way! Godwin had embarked on a journey with his young daughter. They searched for the witch to ask for her forgiveness. The lust for violence that swirled within his heart was swept away, it being no match for the love he felt for his daughter. Her adorable smile alleviated his solitude, and she always seemed to point him in the right direction. "Yes, my dear... We'll go that way."


See Devoted Beastman Godwin.

Name OriginEdit

Godwin is a masculine Anglo-Saxon name of Old English origin; the meaning is "friend of God; good friend". It is derived from god and wine which means 'friend'. An original form is Godwine (Old English). The name was borne in the 11th century by Godwin, Earl of Wessex, an influential advisor to the king and the father of King Harold II. The given name was widely used during the medieval period, and it gave rise to the surname, which in turn led to a revival in the use of the given name.

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