(Passing) Anje, Dreamer of Legends


Anje was unsure of how she found herself in this strange new place. The people she met, the air she breathed, everything seemed somewhat different from the world she knew. The only remnant was the book she still held in her hands. As she continued to read through it, she noticed her experiences mirrored those of the story's protagonist. "The frail girl revived the dragon sealed in the ruins and became a legend." Such was the fantastic adventure she experienced shortly before succumbing to her chronic malady.


See Anje, Dreamer of Legends.

Name originEdit

Anje is both feminine and masculine name. Feminine is Danish, Norwegian, Swedish variant form of Antje, Frisian diminutive form of Anna, the meaning is "gracious". Masculine is Norwegian dialectal variant form of Árni, Old Norse, Icelandic and Faroese variant form of Arni (Germanic root arn "eagle").

Additional InfoEdit

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