(P) Amaria of Holy Ebon & Pearl


A quiet anger towards the Shadow King's forces broils beneath Amaria's smile. The merciless demons harm, coerce, and rob the people of their joy. She has made an oath to use her spear to protect the defenseless and drive away the darkness. In a blinding flash of ivory, Amaria plunges headlong into battle, her spearhead poised and ready.


See (Lumen) Amaria of Holy Ebon & Pearl

Name originEdit

Amaria is a feminine name of Old Greek origin; the meaning is "unfading flower" or "one who will be forever beautiful"; derived from amarantos "unfading," with the Greek word anthos for "flower". Amaria is a form of the English Amara. Amara could have developed as a pet form of Amarantha (Old Greek), an ancient Greek flower name.

As a masculine name Amaria is a variant of Amarya and Amariah, of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "God has said" or "God has promised".

Additional InfoEdit

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