(Openhearted) Doubly Haunted Faune


Faune's strange companions were with her from a very young age. She discovered the wandering wraith near a cemetery, and offered her body to him as a dwelling out of pity. Witnessing her compassionate yet reckless act, an angel immediately descended to protect her. And so began their peculiar life, three souls focused around a single vessel. Faune soon became used to their quarrels, and even found them reassuring.


Evolving two Doubly Haunted Faune cards together.

Name originEdit

Faune is a variant of Fauna, in Roman mythology, the goddess of nature and animals, goddess of fertility, women and healing, who was famous for her chastity; a daughter and companion of Faunus, a Roman horned god of fertility, forests, and agriculture; possibly means "to befriend" from Latin.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Second card in 4-stage evolution.
  • Special Skill Card blocks Bosses attacks during Stalking Doom Raid Event.
  • Artwork by Crow God.

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