(OneHeart) Family's Well-Wishes


"I hope he'll be okay... He's always getting into trouble," the young woman fretted as she thought of her rowdy younger brother. "You worry too much, sis. Big bro's gonna be just fine! He's gonna become the best hero ever!" the younger sister declared with confidence. She smiled ear to ear as she gazed at her gallant older brother, her eyes filled with pride. Expressing both hope and apprehension, the girls prepared to part with their dear brother.


Acquired by evolving City of Heroes with two Bouquet of Bravery card.

Additional infoEdit

Evolves with Bouquet of Bravery and Hero's Sacred Armaments. Once this card is evolved with the Hero's Sacred Armaments, no more Bouquet cards may be added.

Artwork by Yang Mansik.

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