(Nymph) Noemi, Present Protector


The fairy Noemi was breathtakingly beautiful. People could only catch a glimpse of her on Christmas Day. She would lift packages off the sleigh that were larger than herself, and those that saw her droppings off the presents were truly happy. In seeing her with their own eyes, they realized how truly gorgeous she was and how much love she poured into her work as she delivered the presents year after year.


See Noemi, Present Protector.

Name OriginEdit

Noemi is a Italian, Polish, Czech, German, Spanish and Portuguese form of English, Dutch and Hebrew feminine name Naomi of Hebrew origin (Na'omiy); the meaning is "pleasantness". It is derived from the word noam meaning "sweetness, pleasantness, my delight". Other variants are Finnish Noomi, French and Hungarian Noémi, Belgian Naomé and Irish Náoimí.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Eve Ventrue.

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