(New Life) Lieselotte the Lifegiver


One fateful day, Lieselotte happened upon a young girl who was on the verge of death. She was about to walk past the girl without a second thought when it happened. "Watch out, miss." The girl's words alerted Lieselotte to the ghost that was attacking from her blind spot. After promptly exorcizing the phantom, she looked at the girl, who smiled at her in relief. She was fading fast. And that's when Lieselotte finally found a use for the forbidden magic she had worked so hard to obtain.


See Lieselotte the Lifegiver.

Name originEdit

Lieselotte is an English and German feminine name of Germanic origin, spelled also as Liselotte in German and Danish. The name was invented in the 19th century from the Dutch and German name Liese (Hebrew, "perfection, oath") and the feminine diminutive suffix -lotte from French, German, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian name Charlotte (Germanic, from karl "man, free man").

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