(New Captain) Ascending Soleil


Even as the tone of her peers changed from derision, to surprise, and at last to shock that a woman could accomplish as much as she, Soleil paid no heed to the disbelievers as she continued to work up to the pinnacle of leadership that was her birthright. Now, as the infantry under her command looked up to her in awe, she gave her first command as a captain. "Pronounce for me the Knight's Oath!"


See Ascending Soleil.

Name originEdit

Soleil (Solae, Solay, Sole) is a feminine name of French origin; the meaning is "sun". Spanish variant is Solana with the meaning "sunshine". Derived from the Latin word solaris with the meaning "solar, of the sun", from the root sol "sun". Masculine name Soleil ("of the sun") is a variant of the name Solaris.

Additional InfoEdit

Special Test of Strength Skill Card for Crystal Bonds Odyssey Event. Gives 2x the Items regardless of Skill level. Gives 3x the Items when evolved with maxed out Skill.

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