(Mythic) Ricoeur, Wrapped in Warmth


"Soon, the light will return, and I will fill the world with the warmth of the sun!" The kind thoughts of his friends and the drive to realize dreams unfulfilled turned the boy into a true hero. Cries of his name resounded in his hometown in celebration of his valiant deeds.


Acquired by evolving City of Heroes with three Bouquet of Braverys to get (Adieu) Ricoeur, Hero-in-Training, then evolving with Hero's Sacred Armaments to get (Mythic) Glorious Heroic Tale, then evolving with a Menacing Fire Crest.

Additional infoEdit

  • This card additionally offers a great chance to block Dark Horizon raid boss attacks, in addition to it's regular skill.
  • Artwork by Yang Mansik.
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