(Mutual Union) Highest Elf Hiyoldi


The elven council flatly rejected the idea of an alliance with the dwarves, which pained the heart of their queen Hiyoldi. Rather than see the dwarves face utter defeat, she ignored the council's decision and joined their rivals on the battlefield, alone. Every one of the dwarves were moved by her selflessness, swearing to inscribe her actions it into their history books. She then became a symbol of peace and cooperation -- not only to dwarfkind, but all of Androwyna.


See Highest Elf Hiyoldi

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  • Final stage of a 4-stage evolution.
  • Works against all Raid Bosses during The Hollow Queen Raid Event.

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(Mutual Union) Highest Elf Hiyoldi (Normal Card Image)

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