(Moral) Hermit Master Asura


No one can believe their eyes when they see Asura stand upon the battlefield, but then his gentle expression gives way to rage in a flash. His extra arms are used to thoroughly smash any and all foes. His merciless behavior causes even those who would worship him to call him a demon. This may be how his true nature lashes out from being suppressed for so long... He is a two-sided hermit, both good and evil.


See Hermit Master Asura.

Name OriginEdit

In Hinduism, the asuras are a group of power-seeking deities related to the more benevolent devas (also known as suras "gods"), which they battle constantly with. They are sometimes considered nature spirits. Asura translates from Sanskrit as "mighty Lord; evil god or demon"; later (by reanalysis as a- + -sura ) taken to mean "demon", as opposed to sura (by back formation) "god".

In Buddhism, Asura is the name of the lowest ranks of the deities or demigods of the Kāmadhātu. They are described as having three heads with three faces and four to six arms.

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