(Monarch) Maneating Demon Britt


Britt had never meant to mother the child. However, what started on a whim eventually became a powerful bond, so much so that Britt was willing to risk her life to reclaim what she had lost. Somehow, despite being a human, the girl had managed to fill the void left by Britt's late husband, and she would now endure whatever it took to save her. Britt longed more than anything else to see the face of her darling daughter Francette once more.


See Maneating Demon Britt.

Name originEdit

Britt is a feminine name of Celtic origin; the meaning is "exalted one". It is derived from the elements brígh which means "strength, power, force" or briganti "exalted, divine". It is predominantly used in Dutch, English, and Scandinavian. Contracted form of German and Scandinavian Birgit; a variant of the Gaelic (English, Irish, and Scottish) name Bridget.

Additional InfoEdit

Featured on the banner of Legion of Darkness Odyssey Event.

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